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Hippocratic Fostering


For the last 35 years, independent fostering organisations (like the Hazel Project) have been looking after some of the most vulnerable children in the country on behalf of Local Authorities. The work is equal parts challenging and rewarding. All of our children have experienced trauma that no child should. As a result, many of our children will be struggling at school and with their emotions and with their behaviour. Intellectually we can understand and explain their struggles - but the amazing bit of the work is that we manage to find truly astounding families who can live alongside these children and who contribute a great deal to their healing.


There has been a worrying trend in the management of vulnerable children on the part of Local Authorities over the last few years. Most would agree that the best place for most children who have experienced the kind of trauma that we deal with would be in a caring family environment. However, Councils have been increasingly relying on residential settings for more and more children in recent times. Those of you who have visited children’s homes or secure units will know that they are tough places to be. We certainly wouldn’t want our own children looked after in such environments. Therefore, The Hazel Project has created a new programme specifically designed to recruit and train families to look after children who would otherwise be placed in one of these residential settings. 


Families who are chosen for this special programme will be highly trained and have access to a suite of services to help them meet the needs of their vulnerable young people as well as receiving generous compensation for what is truly specialist work. There is a strange opinion in this country that Foster Parents should not be well paid for the work they do. We have no problem paying nurses, therapists, doctors, social workers etc for the amazing work they do in the care sector - so why the difference?  If we want the best people in the country to perform the task of living alongside traumatised children - we believe we have to pay them well. Otherwise, some people who could potentially be incredible Foster Parents will be lost to other professions. 


The founders of The Hazel Project grew up in a fostering family in the ‘70’s and have devoted their lives to improving the standards of care for children who need to live in families other than their own. This new programme, delivered through Diverse Care and Xcel 2000, is the result of a lifetime’s experience in the fostering world. The companies’ track records of delivering outstanding services to vulnerable children mean that we have an impeccable reputation and have the very best staff who will accompany you on your career in fostering.


We hope that you will be excited and interested in taking on this challenge and becoming Hippocratic Foster Parents. Please do not hesitate to contact us to join an "Introduction to Fostering" session where you can find out even more about the amazing work that we do.