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Fostering experiences

Children of Foster Parents

Being a birth child in a foster family can be a unique and enriching experience, albeit one that comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. From an early age, the children of foster parents learn the importance of compassion, empathy, and resilience. They witness firsthand the positive impact of providing a loving and stable environment for children who may have experienced trauma or hardship.

One of the key aspects of being a birth child in a foster family is learning to share your home, belongings, and parental attention with foster siblings. This can foster a sense of generosity and inclusivity, as well as teach valuable lessons about cooperation and understanding.

Understandably, at times, there may be feelings of confusion or jealousy, as children of foster parents navigate their roles within the family dynamic. They may also experience moments of sadness or loss as foster siblings come and go from their lives. However, these experiences can also foster resilience and adaptability, as they have the opportunity to learn to embrace change and find strength in adversity.

Foster Children happy

The Hazel Project hold regular fun activity sessions exclusively the for children of foster parents, enabling them to come together spend time with other children who will understand the added complexities of living in a family who foster. It is also an opportunity for them to feel celebrated and valued for sharing their homes, belongings and parents.

Overall, being a birth child in a foster family offers a rich tapestry of experiences that shape character, instill values, and cultivate a deep appreciation for the importance of love, stability, and support in a child's life.

In the video below, Foster Parent of 10 years Sam and her daugter Bella talk about their experiences of fostering and how it has led Bella into a career working with fostered children.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Foster Parent, our Introduction to fostering brochure is a great place to start. It is ful of useful information to read and videos of our families, children and staff sharing their experiences. Click the button below to request your copy.

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